We have:
1) unique technology with international patenting PCT process and have already got first patent (july 2018, Russia)
2) prepared IT high professional team for the creation Global Wasp app and European team for provising and promotion our app that professionally deals with the best IT technical exhibitions in the world and connects to smartphones manufacturers.
3) European company with three European licenses
Our strategy: for 9 months we create our working application and sell it (part our company) with international patents rights for this technology to the largest manufacturers of smartphones (including Chinese) or the biggest other Internet companies (Google, Telegram, Skype...).

We need small investment only for creating the Global Wasp app and for provising and promotion.

Global Wasp (GW) – a service providing an access
to cheap and convenient Internet all over the world

no additional costs

use wi-fi modules
in your devices

no need to pay while roaming
and for unused data

the app is available for free
on Google Play and App Store

We believe that in future the leading smartphone makers will install GLOBAL WASP app by default.

new opportunities

additional revenue
while sharing mobile data

products and services

Development potential of GLOBAL WASP

Mobile traffic per month (EXABYTES)

In 2017 about 11 EB (11 billion GB) of data traffic was used all over the world

A research by Cisco shows that about 2.75 billion GB of mobile traffic is not used by clients of mobile operators every month. The average cost of 1GB of data in Europe is $6.50. Users loose $17.8 billion every month. GLOBAL WASP will help users not to waste gigabytes and return the money.

  • 7 EB


  • 11 EB


  • 17 EB


  • 24 EB


  • 35 EB


  • GAGR 47%

    49 EB